Select Mass Haulages

Use the Select Mass Haulage dialog to set the connection between activities and mass haulage data.

Ways to access


In the upper list, all mass areas are listed. If you select an item, then the quantity field gets adjusted.

If you select the checkbox: Show only Mass Areas meeting the current Activity location then the list is filtered and shows only mass areas overlapping with Activity coordinates.

In the lower list, all haulages defined are listed that have been edited so far in the current project.


You can set the quantity that should be applied to the cut activities by entering a value. The field gets precalculated.

If a selection in the upper list is done, the quantity is the minimum remaining quantity on the mass area (what has not been scheduled yet).

If a selection is done in the lower list, it is the remaining quantity of both, the cut and fill section.

Assign Quantity

This closes the dialog and sets the cut or fill area in the activity. (This is depending on the setting in Set quantity by).

Assign quantity and create a fill Activity

This creates also a fill activity in the location area of the fill and links both activities with a start-to-start link. Both activities get the same quantity and work rate assigned.

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